Home energy checklist

Make your "frugal home" more cost effective by comparing it to this energy-saving checklist:

Check out the living areas:

  • Are there any drafty spots in the rooms?
  • Do the walls need insulation?
  • Are any doors leaking air?
  • Are there any doors that are not insulated or without storm doors?
  • Are there any single-glazed windows?
  • Do the windows rattle? Are there gaps around window frames?
  • Do the windows have cracked or broken glass?
  • Is there moisture condensation on windows in cooler months?

Look in the basement or crawl space:

  • Are there cracks or gaps in the basement walls and floor that would allow air leakage?
  • Are the walls insulated?
  • Is there air leakage at the top of the basement wall?
  • Does the crawl space need to be insulated?

Look in the attic:

  • Are exterior walls open at the top?
  • Are there pathways where air could leak up from the living space?
  • Is there enough insulation?

Check the heating and cooling systems:

  • Is the furnace filter dirty?
  • Do ducts leak air?
  • Is the system due for a maintenance check?
  • Is the outdoor unit of your air conditioner or heat pump blocked from free circulating air?

Check the water heater:

  • Is the water temperature too high?
  • Is the water heater tank insulated?
  • Are the water pipes insulated?
  • Are any faucets in the house leaking?
  • Could the plumbing fixtures be more water-efficient?

    Regularly checking and maintaining these systems will help you identify the areas of your home that are wasting energy and driving your fuel bills through the roof, and assist in avoiding costly repairs due to neglect.