FSBOs don't sell for a number of reasons
Julie Garton-Good, GRI, DREI

Q: Is there something wrong with a property if a for-sale-by-owner has been trying to sell it for six months?

A: Not necessarily. There could be other factors, not always negative ones, leading to an unsold property.

Perhaps the sellers did not aggressively market the property. A for sale sign in the yard doesn't constitute a strong marketing campaign.

Second, was the property priced right to begin with? An overpriced property will be initially discounted by buyers, even if the asking price is later reduced. Restrictive terms might also have kept the property from attracting offers.

Third, did they have any offers on the property? Perhaps they took the property off the market for a potential offer that never materialized.

Fourth, what type of market competition does the property have? Are there many similar properties for sale in the neighborhood? Depending on the real estate economics of the area, as well as the time of year, six months may not be unusual.

If you still have questions, ask for outside assistance to determine value and stability of the property. These facts might come from an appraiser, inspector, or other real estate professional. You might negotiate with the seller to help pay for any or all of these items.