Quick list for loan applications
Julie Garton-Good, GRI

Before you visit the lender, arm yourself with the following information to help make your interview and your loan application flow smoothly. (Note: checklist can vary between lenders as well as loan types.)

  1. 2 years residency information
  2. 2 years employment information
  3. Current pay stubs
  4. If self-employed, 2 years tax returns & current Profit and Loss statement
  5. Social Security number; Age of borrower(s); Number of years of school attended
  6. Checking & savings accounts (account numbers and addresses)
  7. Information on monthly debt (account numbers, name and location of creditor)
  8. Information on car loan(s)--name and address of creditor(s)
  9. Lease and rental agreements
  10. Copy of divorce decree
  11. Information on child support, child care & alimony
  12. Mortgages: Account numbers and name and address of mortgagee
  13. For FHA loans, driver's license(s) and Social Security cards
  14. For VA loans, Certificate of Eligibility DD214

Having this list of personal information handy will speed up the application process, and help you do your part to get the ball rolling and get a timely response from the lender.