Reasons to buy a home--today!
Julie Garton-Good, GRI, DREI

Are you one of those fence-sitters, trying to decide if buying a home is a wise move? Wait no longer---we're going to provide you with three concrete reasons why you should take the home buying plunge!

Reason #1: Buy now even if you think interest rates may fall

Here's why. Appreciation (even at a meager 3% annual rate) can build equity for you in the house. A $100,000 house this year with inflation might become $103,000 next year; and if you wait to buy, that $3,000 in lost equity will take years to recover.

Reason #2: You can probably qualify for a mortgage

You qualify now and you might not later. Debt added to your financial picture might later disqualify you. In fact, adding a new car payment is enough to push many would-be home buyers over the edge financially.

Reason #3: You're employed

You're employed now and who knows what the future might bring? Unless you know for sure that you'll be unemployed in the near future, fear of job loss shouldn't stand in the way of purchasing a home. Here's why. If you didn't purchase a home, wouldn't you spend money on rent anyway? In many parts of the country, the cost of rent actually exceeds the amount of a mortgage payment on a median priced home---and without any of the tax advantages that accompany home ownership.

And remember, if you purchase now but later lose your job, the equity in your home might financially cushion you. In approving a second mortgage or equity loan, some lenders will grant loans based on the equity in your property, not your employment situation. A small line of credit using the property as collateral might help you weather a temporary financial storm and the interest you pay could be tax deductible.

Be aware that it could be tougher to buy a property after a period of unemployment. Most lenders want a track record of at least two years of continual employment (preferably in the same line of work) before making a loan. And if you were forced to tap into your down payment funds during unemployment, it might take you several years to accumulate enough for the down payment again.

The bottom line is use the positives in your life right now to make home ownership work for you-you'll be glad you did!