The Frugal HomeOwner™ is a how-to series for home buyers and sellers from Julie Garton-Good. As a syndicated newspaper columnist and international speaker, Julie specializes in the fields of home affordability and consumer-centric real estate services.

Latest Home Buying Questions

The Many Faces of Consumer Mortgage Fraud
The Pros and Cons of Working with a Real Estate Agent
How to Avoid Lock Problems in a Precarious Market
Ready to buy a home? Take the Test
Three Red Flags Too Many for Buyers
The Number of International Buyers Nearly Double in 2010
Don't Jump Just Because Low Rates Entice You
New Rules Punish "Strategic Foreclosures"
Rental Owner Must Comply with New Lead-Based Paint Rules
Fannie Mae's Property Rules
Second Credit Check Prior to Closing Now Routine
Get Creative on What You Negotiate
Before You Add a Pool, Test the Waters
Special FHA Loan Can Finance Residence/Business Combo

Latest Home Selling Questions

Moving Cross Country? Buy Your Own Moving Van
Financial Reform Good News for Real Estate Appraisals
Design a Triage Plan When Showing Your House
What Every Seller Should Know About Counteroffers

Home Buyer Tips

Roadblocks to closing the sale
Deciding on the bells and whistles
Location, location, location
FSBOs don't sell for a number of reasons
It pays to check out a neighborhood
Does moving up makes dollars and sense?
Is it dangerous to pay too much for a home?
Approving appraisers--why lenders require it
Bait and switch--or just good business?
If you want to back out of the sale
Is the 125 percent mortgage for you?
Can credit-damaged buyers get home loans?
Can I negotiate that?
How to negotiate the best price
Buyer beware -- of other buyers
Should you use an adjustable rate mortgage to finance your home?
Little-known facts about adjustable rate mortgages
Is an adjustable rate mortgage right for you?
Is an FHA mortgage in your future?
Financing your second home
Keep your home-buying emotions in check
The ins and outs of applying for a mortgage
Ready to buy a home? Take our test to find out
Potholes to avoid on the information superhighway
The buyer's walk through: protection for the seller
Three innocent mistakes home buyers make--and how to prevent them!
Three more innocent mistakes home buyers make
The final four errors that home buyers make
Deciding to work with a REALTOR®
Quick list for loan applications
What to do when the lender says no
Tips for comparing mortgage loans
Lease purchases for creative sales
Get the credit and the loan you deserve!
Reasons to buy a home -- today!
Choosing the best location
Finding the down payment

Home Seller Tips

Have switch covers, will travel?
Wedding bell blues could affect sale
We changed our minds about selling. Now what?
Is a CMA confidential?
Relationship disclosure: What to expect
Is your price right?
Why should I contact a real estate professional?
Selling homes on the information superhighway
Offers we want to refuse
Before you back out of a sale, read this
Yard sign tricks of the trade
Quick cures for seller's remorse
Getting the most out of a real estate professional
Safety issues when marketing your home
What sellers can expect in a seller's market
How home sellers benefit under the new tax law
Should you carry the financing for a buyer?
Will listing a little high hurt your chances for a sale?
A seller's nightmare: keeping your home clean, tidy and ready to show
Sprucing up before the sale -- but which rooms?
Counteroffers: What sellers need to know
Selling a one-of-a-kind house
Sell at a profit? Read this before you put a downpayment on your next home
What to do with a demanding buyer
Negotiating Gambits: Part I
Negotiating Gambits: Part II
Should you purchase again when you relocate?
Choosing a Realtor when you sell
Assist the Buyer with 75-10-15 financing
Should you prepay your mortgage?
Should you refinance your mortgage loan?
Tips for a successful move

"Castle Keeper" Tips

What to do if your mortgage is sold
The ins and outs of paying down a mortgage
When it comes to mortgages, anything's negotiable
Lenders have the final say about appraisers, insurers
Getting rid of private mortgage insurance isn't always easy
Refinancing? Consider a shorter loan term
Safety issues for homeowners
The home of the future: What will it look like?
How safe is your swimming pool?
Water, water everywhere
Should you refinance your mortgage online?
If your mortgage payments fall behind
Don't mail your mortgage payment until you are sure
Thinking of refinancing? Let's do the math
Should you carry flood insurance?
How big of a splash will a pool make on your home's value?
Trash it! Recycling strategies for your home
Can you remove the PMI from your mortgage
How do Americans really feel about homeownership?
Master the three Cs of homeownership
Refinancing your FHA loan
Refinancing your VA loan
Your rights if your loan is sold
Thinking about refinancing? Take our need/greed test
Let's do the numbers: Comparing interest rates
Before you leave home, protect your home!
Low-cost/no-cost homeowner booklets
Should you tap into your equity?
Home Energy Checklist
Be on the lookout for homeowner scams
Add value to your home or sell?

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